Monday, October 9, 2017

Session 46: Hammer of the Gods

After we assembled the four gems we found in the dungeon we used them to open the locked door to the last room. As we entered a large chamber we spotted three figures in the center of the room. As we approached them we were spied by one of the fiends who yelled: "you are not with our master, you must die!"  Springing into action Flint cast a spell of silence on the area to prevent the fiends from casting their own spells. Catching the fiends off guard Flint also engaged them in a melee. One of the fiends who was less confused by his actions spread his wings and took flight above the area of silence, lobbing balls of fire at the group. Goblin, Lynna & Tywill all took turns attacking this villain as Flint deftly handled the two devils on the ground. Tywill bore the brunt of the attacks from the winged terror and nearly fell. The creature was no match for our combined efforts, however. Once we defeated the fiends the group discovered a magically locked case. Tywill was able to open the case and discovered inside a rare treasure indeed: the hammer of thunderbolts. Could this be a clue to where our quest is heading? Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Session 45: The Broken Medallion

The companions continued their quest in the subterranean area to which they had teleported from the Sorcerer's tower. Remembering they had successfully shattered the vials in one of the hallways off the first room, they hoped the night's rest had given whatever the result was time enough to disperse. Passing through, they came upon a room with a blue river running through and multiple deep blue pools. The room also had a strong anti-magic aura. On the far wall, there was a doorway with an indentation. Worried about poison, Flint leapt over the river, and inspected the door. There was also an insignia of a familiar looking ruby stave they had found earlier in the tower. Flint looked in the last pool and saw something glimmering that might have been part of the pendant. He used the stave to fish it out, thus not risking whatever might have been in the water.

Backtracking, they found a hallway filled with a strong poison gas. Remembering that Tywil was now immune to poison, he entered and looking around, retrieved a second part of what appeared to be a 4 piece medalion (a triangle surrounded with three annuli to form a full circle. Further down the hall, there was a split. To one side, a quick bit of silent spying revealed 9 large statues surrounding a pedestal with perhaps another pedestal piece. Tywil chose to use his boots of spider climb to mount the ceiling in the hallway and walk across the ceiling to above the pedestal. Doing so awakened one of the statues who looked at him and began approaching the pedestal. Thinking quickly, he dropped to the pedestal, grabbed the pendant piece and used his boots to leap up to the ceiling before the golem could reach him. The construct, confused, continued to stare at the pedestal as Tywil made his way back to the hall. Some force appeared to keep the great contraptions from following the party in to the hall.

The other hallway was on all sides with mirrors. Additionally, when Flint looked at the ceiling, he felt as if something was trying to rip his soul from his body. The door had an indentation that looked like a pendant should be inserted there. The group backtracked, eyes glued to the ground.
A bit more exploring revealed a secret door leading to a bad hallway where the walls and ceiling were covered with red fungi. Attempting to sneak through, Tywil found a doorway on the far side, perhaps 50 feet away. On the way back to report, he slipped, and the small noise he made apparently caused the fungi to emit spores, causing him to go mad. Goblin pulled him out with his staff of entanglement, and Flint was able to cast a spell to help him recover his wits. When the screaming stopped, so did the spores.

Trying again, Lynnya crept down the bad hallway with red fungi. Unluckier still, she immediately triggered the defenses and frankly went completely gibberingly insane. Not even a light restoration would calm her. Regrouping after gagging her to stop the trap, the group slept an uneasy sleep, and Flint prayed for the ability to completely restore her insanity.
Finally realizing the correct course of action, Flint cast silence on the hall.
On the far side of the hall, past the door, the party faced a tribulation (by combat?)
In the room, after looking around, there was a pit, covered tautly with leather.
Quietly, Flint asked Goblin to tie him up and lower him into the pit, where he found another piece of the pendant. Restored, the group decided to go back to the mirrored hallway to use the pendant. To avoid the effect of the ceiling, this time Flint broke the soul sucking mirror above.
Out from the mirror fell, a ghast, a black pudding, and 2 wizards, one of whom appeared to be fighting the rest. Quickly casting silence on the group, Flint and company made short work of them all, including the potentially innocent wizard.
Repairing the medallion was easy work for a craftsman of Flint's caliber, and they used it to open the door at the far end of the mirrored hall.

Within, there was a portal similar to the one leading back to the tower, and with a minimum of conversation, the party began killing summoned creatures from portal who must be susceptible to protection from spells.
The battle continues in earnest...