Sunday, July 12, 2015

Princes of the Apocalypse, Session 3

After un-earth-ing the cult beneath Red Larch, and returning Braeden to his father, the team turned in for a well earned night's sleep. They decided avoiding town would be the best strategy, so they followed up on a set of rumors that a girl had seen a ghost. Minthra introduced them to her daughter Pell, an inquisitive seven-year old who was able to guide the party to the haunted tomb. There, they found many statues of dwarves and a door that had been rusted shut. Upon touching the door, a ghost appeared, warning them to not disturb his master. The party, led by Romero, agreed, and offered to help the ghost enter into the afterlife if they could.

They next looked at their map of the valley, and saw a vale marked on the map that sounded intriguing. After a long hike, and a treacherous climb up a steep switchback, they found [the abbey]. Upon entering, they came into a courtyard dominated by a large statue of a dwarven woman, her arms open in welcome. Below the statue was a group of dwarves, who said they were part of a wedding ceremony, and the party should join. But on approaching, the dwarves attacked! Romero had noticed the wedding group was wearing chain mail, so they were not surprised, but they quickly took a beating, and began to fear for their lives after the officiant revealed herself to be an oni! They beat a hasty retreat, dashing down the steep path back into the valley.

Wounded and weary, they made their way back to Red Larch, where they spent the night. The next morning, they were awakened by a visit from Baragustas, one of the town elders. He seemed friendly enough, and suggested the party investigate a cave with bandits and their treasure, as a favor to the town. They went there, and were attacked by stirges. After defeating the foul creatures, and Quaff lost more blood than he was comfortable with, they explored the cave. However, there was no treasure to be found, so they went back to town. On the way back to town, they were ambushed by bandits, but the party made short work of them.