Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Recently, I've been running a Princes of the Apocalypse campaign here in DC. It's been fun, but fairly unremarkable, so I haven't been posting much here. But I'm starting to toss around ideas for my next homebrew campaign.

Like most homebrew worlds, Arden Est is built off of a pastiche of various real world cultures. The last campaign, which sadly faded away rather than ending, was set in Morachi, or fake Eastern Europe. Just to the west of Morachi is Fogelon, or fake Germany. Fogelon is somewhat more settled than Morachi, but they're looking to expand. The last war with Morachi went poorly -- apparently some adventurers created an army of modified flesh golems. There's no way that's not going to go badly in the future, but that's not our problem now. South of Fogelon is Lyonia (fake France). Lyonia is far too strong for Fogelon to think about attacking, given that they escaped the brunt of the Second Demon War, not to mention their alliance with the Wemics. However, north, across the bay, is empty land, ripe for the taking. Two small towns have already been established, but the rest of the land is uninhabited. So the PCs have a writ from the crown to explore, colonize, and civilize the land.

I'm still noodling about the actual content of the campaign. I have a rough map of the area, which I'll post as soon as I can get my scanner working. I'm thinking about a cross between the Slavers series and the Rod of Seven Parts boxed set. We'll see how that looks in practice!

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