Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Journey North Session One: Oh Gawd, my chickens!

The Temple of Adreham, aka La Cattolica di Stilo
[Note: unfortunately, due to last minute planning, I neglected to gather the names of the PCs, so this is going to be a little bit awkward. I'll have another post later this week with backgrounds from the players who sent them to me, and hopefully by next week I'll have them down.]

It started, as these things usually do, in an inn. The group had just arrived in Neufeld from Obertor, and found a place to stay called the Sign of the Xorn. It was on a small square in the middle of a maze of poorly built houses, but was itself surprisingly nice. Or, at least, snug and dry. At a loss for exactly what to do next, they split the party. Flint Flameforge and Dyn-Bach went to the temple of Adreham to see what the priests knew, while the bard busked in the market and the thief and the barbarian explored the warren of homes around the inn. The busking was uneventful, but the thief and the barbarian were set upon by slavers, apparently interested in "recruiting" them. The barbarian was able to occupy all three, taking hits like it was nothing, while the thief used his bow to take one down. He then spoke in thieves cant, telling the slavers to leave them alone. Already frightened by the death of their friend, they agreed, and ran off.

The two religious men had better luck at the temple. There, they met a young priest named Max, who asked for their help. There was a farm outside of town owned by Phineas Filson, and he apparently had his chickens stolen by some kobolds. When the party gathered at the Sign of the Xorn that night, they agreed that it sounded like a worthy quest.

They left the next morning and found Phineas's farm with ease. There, they met the young farmer with an excellent goatee, and listened to him tell about his plight. Fortunately, the kobold tracks were easy to follow, and let the party right to the cave where they were holed up. Once inside, they first went to the left, where they turned back after noticing a terrible stench. The other path led to a side cave where some kobolds had set up their sleeping quarters. These were quickly dealt with, and the party turned to go deeper into the cave...