Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Mattock grew up a street urchin in a relatively small town. His father was an adventurer who was just passing through, as he was told by the towns people; his mother was a woman of ill-repute, and still spends most of her time hanging out at taverns trying to get drinks out of adventurers. This meant that early on he had to fend for himself. And in time he began to become an accomplished thief, well practiced in the arts of stealth, thieves' tools, and persuasion.

But as his skills increased so did his his sense of morality. He only stole from those who could afford it, and killed those who deserved it, but at a certain point the town was too small, and everything was too easy.

So Matt struck out on his own as an adventurer. Specializing in helping parties who needed a deft hand at picking locks or disarming traps, while trying to avoid any close combat he trained his skills even further. Until he went into a dungeon with a group of adventurers who found in the bottom of a keep a group of slaves. Horrified by a group stealing freedom from others, an ideal Matt valued almost more than anything he convinced his party to follow the trail and disrupt the slavers operation.

However as they tracked the slavers they caught on they were being followed and his party was ambushed and taken down quickly while he was still hiding in the shadows. Swearing revenge he decided to track down any slavers where ever they may be and kill them. But he has been keeping his eye out for any skilled adventurers who can handle themselves in a fight.