Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Session 23: Onward to Roskilde

[Sorry for the brief post, but work has been busy, and the session was rather uneventful.]

Once they arrived in Darkshelf, the Abolitionists met with Arquestan, who told them of his search for the Rod of Seven Parts. He indicated that he was unable to find the Rod in Darkshelf, so the party might want to check in Roskilde. Alternatively, there was a cleric of Ryanna in the forest to the west who was able to teach Volodemir the language of the blink dogs. 

They decided to head to Roskilde, to the northeast, on the shore of Whitewater Bay. Just as they were settling in to town, an old apprentice of Flint ran up to them, telling them that the fabled city of Thunderdelve had been found! However, it was now occupied by darker things, and they could use the abolitionist's help in liberating the settlement. So of course the party got on a boat, to see what they could find on Thunderspire Island. The trip was uneventful, and they quickly arrived at a ramshackle village at the foot of the island. The entrance to Thunderdelve was about 20 miles north of town, and they got there around nightfall. The group settled in for the evening, preparing for their delve in the morning.