Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Session 44: The Sorcerer's Catacombs

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As we stared into the eyes of the Erinyes we realized we had lost our advantage. Luck was on our side, however, and we were able to defeat the Erinyes without suffering too much from her attacks.  We may have had tougher fights but this could have gone better if we had been smarter. While we were still under the effects of battle magic we decided to enter the final room of the tower. As we entered through a door in the ceiling we expected an ambush and were surprised to find an empty room. Flint realized that there must be an exit from the tower in the room so he and Tywill swept the room. Tywill did find a door but, fearing a trap, the group left Tywill to work by himself. Tywill was not able to crack the lock and couldn't understand if it were a mechanism or magic. He called the group for assistance and Goblin was able to dispel the magic on the lock with a prayer, revealing a blinding light leading to a portal. We knew that the main entrance to the tower would kill us if we breathed in the poison so we passed through the portal.

It transported us to a room Flint identified as a subterranean vault. We found two doors there that had stone lion statues stationed in front of them. Flint decided it was his turn to examine the door and locks. Surprisingly the door opened without any difficulty but sadly this was a trap. Inside the room was a flying magical sword but our biggest fears were realized when the statues came to life and attacked. We defeated both sword and statues but the battle took its toll. We agreed that we could remain in the room with the once flying magical sword for a short rest. We licked our wounds and recouped our strength. Our respite was short lived as the next encounter against chain devils nearly killed poor Volodemir. Flint and Goblin bore the brunt of the attacks after Volodemer went down while the group retaliated from range. Where do devils go once defeated on the mortal plane? We would hopefully never know. [Ed. - Back to hell, of course!] We did know that we could not survive another battle without a proper rest. Heading back to the tower of the Erinyes we were lucky enough to not run into any one and were able to pass through the magical barrier to safety once more.
What comes next as we head back through the portal?

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