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Map courtesy of Inkarnate
Lyonia is the most populous and richest of the young kingdoms, known across the world for the quality of its wines. It was founded shortly before the Second Demon War by the adventurer known by Charles the Mane. He made common cause with the wemics, who had suffered at the hands of the independent baronies to their east. To the north is the Senj, a harsh and barren land nominally claimed by Lyonia, but largely lawless and infested with pirates and bandits. To the south is the Gwynn, hill country inhabited by a proudly independent people.

The capital of Lyonia is Marsay, located at the joining of the Peregrine and Kell rivers. Rion is in many ways the spiritual capital of the country, known for its cathedral and beautiful stained glass. Lyonia is one of few countries in this age prosperous enough to have a small standing army, and the pride of the army is the Order of the Chalice, dedicated to questing and the knightly arts. Despite the excellence of their military, the two times Lyonia has tried to invade Fogelon have resulted in draws. Many of the nobility are members of the Order of the Golden Pheasant.

Lyonia is ruled by King Louis Phillippe, a weak king of dull mind. He is a good man, but usually lacks the strength of character to go against his advisors. His main advisors are his chancellor and his vizier. The level of taxes is set based on the old charter given Charles the Mane by the Solarian Empire, and if the King wishes to raise more money, he needs to go to the General Estates, composed of the major nobility. The General Estates are administered by the council of Special Masters, who meet often outside of the auspices of the General Estates to consider concerted action for the good of the realm.

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