Tuesday, September 3, 2013

d30 challenge Day 2: Favorite Race

To be honest, my favorite race is probably human. In race as class systems, they have a lot more flexibility than other races, especially older systems. And even in systems where race and class are broken apart, there's more flexibility. In Second Edition, demihumans are restricted in what classes they can play, and some classes can only be played by humans. In 3.5 and Pathfinder, the extra feat helps model that extra flexibility in a different way. But I want to put a plug in for dwarf.

My favorite character in modern times was my Living Greyhawk dwarf, Dustin. He was a dual-axe wielding whirlwind of death. His best moment was when, on a narrow causeway over a gaping chasm, he was the only thing standing between a charging ogre and the mages in the rear. Going fully defensive, he was able to force the ogre to miss on its touch attack to drive him into the abyss. What made it fun was going against type. Sure, most dwarves are plodding, slow, and encased in the heaviest armor they can find. But Dustin had maxed-out dex, and only wore a breastplate to protect him from his foes.

And who doesn't like the sheer survivability of the dwarf? With bonuses to saving throws, and in some cases constitution, not to mention a pretty good hit die, the little buggers are probably the hardest class to kill at low levels (RIP, Ezra Meatbeard). In an old school games, that's not something to scoff at.

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