Tuesday, September 3, 2013

d30 challenge: Favorite Class?

Hands down, my favorite class is the cleric. I like the support abilities it gives; while able to still provide basic combat support in the form of a mace to the head, the cleric can also give her companions more advanced aid. I've played clerics like Zakarios that focus on healing and buffing the party, and I've played clerics that focus on debuffing the enemy. My earliest major character, Fayon, was a cleric -- he'd be a paladin in a more advanced ruleset, but we didn't have paladins back then. One of my two main Living Greyhawk characters was a cleric. The 4e character I played the longest was a cleric. I mentioned this morning that I like characters that can stand on their own, and clerics can do this as well. While not as good at going toe to toe as a fighter (or dwarf!), a cleric can definitely stand on her own.

The second choice would be a bard, which goes along with the jack of many trades I was emphasizing with cleric. I've had a bard character in just about every edition I've played, since the concept has always appealed to me. The execution, however, has always been lacking. I think my favorite bard so far has actually been the 3.5 version. The minor spell casting helped make it feel a bit more useful than most other versions, which, especially at low level, end up feeling like a bad version of the fighter (I'm looking at you, ACKS!)  (Updated since Feedly had the original draft).

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