Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Session 8: Assault on Darkshelf Quarry

The party began where they left off, at the top of the tower. They found that the southern room was full of slaves so they freed them and left the wizard and paladin to tend to them and keep them from alarming the rest of the keep, while studying the elf's spellbook.

They proceeded downstairs, Flint leading the way and they ambushed a group of 6 human guards in their barracks. As they were finishing the last two, their sergeant came up behind Volodemir but he too was taken down. Searching the men they found some keys and then opened the footlockers of the various guards. In the sergeant's room, Flint noticed a false stone beneath the bed. Below, there was a chest which the sergeant's key opened. They gathered the treasure, then continued exploring. After finding many empty sleeping chambers and a door they deduced led to the outside bridge which crossed the moat. 

They found a kitchen with 4 women working and a large female half-orc with a whip and a cleaver menacing them. The party took out the beastly woman quickly and brought the slaves upstairs after asking them about the layout of the guardhouse. Unfortunately, the slaves knew little of what might lie below. The kitchen had a small trapdoor from which water was fetched via crank and bucket. Opening the trapdoor, there was also a ladder within leading down into water. Flint climbed down into the darkness and found the water to only be a few feet deep and a gentle slope leading out of the water. He signaled up to the rest to follow. Below, they found a large open cavern. The rear, where they emerged, contained a forge, and the bugbear attacked! The party was easily able to subdue him and his pesky goblin slave. The majority of the cavern was devoted to a stable, and the exit lead into the quarry proper.

Once in the quarry, they could see the opening to a mine on the western side. Exploring the underground cavern, they came upon a brace of goblins with a barely tamed warg. As the party was putting down the weak goblins in hopes of freeing/taming the warg, it snuck around behind them via an adjacent tunnel and started attacking Volodemir. Regretfully, they ended its life as well and began to reconnoiter the remainder of the cave system.

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