Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Session 9: The Caverns of Darkshelf Quarry

Having cleared the entrance to the caves nestled inside of the quarry, the party decided to head further in, to try and figure out what was going on, and what the slavers were trying to achieve. They quickly met some human miners, who did not appear to be enslaved. On speaking with them, they discovered that they were just there to work, and they did not seem to know anything about the slavers. To the north the party discovered a similar group of miners, but in between the miners was a ramp that descended deeper into the earth.

Upon entering the lower level of the caverns, the path quickly turned to the left and apparently ended in a T intersection. Flint's dwarven senses revealed that there was something off about the stone wall in front of them, and further investigation revealed a secret door. Behind the secret door was an L-shaped chamber, with a bed and a desk in each corner of the L. At one desk was a priest of Hadeth, goddess of madness and imprisonment. The party surprised the priest and quickly killed him. Searching the room, they found a small amount of treasure under one of the beds. Surmising from the fact of the two beds that there was a second priest, the party lay in wait for him for a couple hours, but he did not come. They then followed the corridor out of the chamber, and to what appeared to be a guardpost guarded by six kobolds, who were swiftly killed.

Past the guardpost, the party found what appeared to be a sanctuary dominated by a large dais bearing a stone pillar topped by a pyramid with four eyes. In this chamber, the other priest called for an attack, and two strange creatures he called 'mudtigers' crawled out of the ooze behind the dais to engage the party. They looked like a cross between a shark and an aquatic lizard. The party was shocked to find that the mudtiger emanated a magnetic field, causing metal weapons to be difficult to wield, though it had no effect on the priest's stone mace. They could also emit a burst of energy. But with difficulty, the party was able to kill the evil cleric and his pets.

The party continued down the corridor, past a trash chute, to a locked door. When they tried to pick the lock, a quickly stabbing spear convinced them it was a bad idea, and they went to find an alternate route. They found a passage leading south, into what appeared to be kobold barracks. The ten kobolds there were no match for the party, who were able to continue on to a ramp that lead into the deepest part of the caverns. In the next room, there were two doors, each one with three keyholes. While the party was trying to figure out what to do with the keyholes, they were attacked by a water weird. They defeated the water weird, and are now trying to figure out what to do next.