Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Session 11: Aerieborne

Continuing on our journey to locate the mage and inquire about the eagles' eggs, our band encountered a small group of orcs attempting to set an ambush. We managed to surprise them and pick them off in small groups. From there we were able to pick up the trail of the mage that eventually lead us to an abandoned keep.

Approaching we were hailed by two sentries holding shields with ravens adorning them. This crest belonged to a group of expansionist Vikings from an island up north that we assumed were mercenaries. Inquiring after the mage and the deal he made with another group of adventurers we were told to wait while the mage, Halam was notified of our presence. After waiting a moment we were set upon by archers and the mage. As the fight began Dyn-Bach was paralyzed and unable to help his comrades. Then, the worst happened. A pillar of ice slammed down on Dyn-Bach and several of the mage's henchmen, killing Dyn-Bach. Nevertheless, through tenacity and a rock elemental, our group was able to defeat and incapacitate their attackers. The mage was able to escape on a nightmare during the course of the battle, leaving behind his guards and any valuables in the keep.

We let the remaining captives leave without their arms or armor and decided to wait at the keep for either the return of the mage or for the arrival of the adventurers bearing the eagles' eggs. After a few days the adventurers arrived with the eggs and asked for the return of their companion that we discovered had been turned into a statue. We negotiated the exchange of their stone friend for the eagles' eggs. Having had no encounters on our way to see the eagles we were rewarded with a pendant for our efforts in returning their children.

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