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Darkshelf is a large town in the east hills, just west of the Spire Mountains. The city is dominated by the large walls of some forgotten Solarian fortress, sacked during the Second Demon War. It is ruled by a Council of Lords, consisting of one dwarf, one human, and one orc. The townsfolk are roughly 50% orc, 40% human, and 10% dwarf, with a smattering of other races. It is rumored to be a hub for the slave trade. Though slavery is illegal in Darkshelf, it is widely suspected that the Red Hand Slavers operate a base in town to transport slaves from the coast into the Spire Mountains.

The largest temple belongs to the priesthood of Crom, who is widely worshipped by the inhabitants of the town, orc and non-orc alike. His high priest is Xanathon, who came here from Morachi some years ago. Whispers say he is immortal and cannot be killed. On the outskirts of town, near the main gate, is an arena where warriors fight for the glory of Crom and themselves.

The Golden Cockatrice dominates the night life here, with its festhall welcoming party-goers from all parts of the north. It is rumored that an anti-slavery cabal has connections here, and all find the cockatrices in the courtyard to be an amusing, if dangerous, attraction. Other features are the manor house of the noble Arquestan, next to the entrance to the inner city, and the abandoned temple on the outskirts of town.

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