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The Fyrsnaca is a wyrm native to the cold north, often found in the vicinity of hot springs and volcanoes, which it uses to reproduce. When it enters its reproductive cycle, every 100 years, it dives deep into the heat to lay a sac of eggs. It then stays with the eggs for 25 years until they hatch into the immature state of the Fyrsnaca, a clutch of red worms. During this period, the Fyrsnaca cannot survive outside of the heated water or lava, and it is quite irritable as it cannot hunt. Otherwise it is a fearsome predator, eating polar bear, seal, and whatever else it can get its teeth around. The Nords view the killing of a Fyrsnaca alone to be an exceptional deed, and often if there is a kingship crisis, at least one of the contenders will go Fyrsnaca hunting.

AC: 15 HP: 138 Speed: 60'
Str: +4 Dex: +1 Con: +5 Int: -1 Wis: 0 Cha: +1
Saves: Dex: +4 Con: +8 Cha: +4
Perception +3
Damage: Immune to natural fire, resists magical fire
CR: 8

Multiattack Bite/Crush
Bite +9, reach 10' 3d12+6 piercing
Crush +9 3d12+6 bludgeoning
Fire, 30' line, 5'. Recharge 5-6
11d8 fire damage, Dex(14) for half.

Originally printed in XS2: Thunderdelve Mountain, by William Carlson, (c) TSR (1985). This content produced under the Open Game License and may only be used under and in terms of that license. The license can be viewed here.

Open Game License v 1.0a Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, LLC. System Reference Document 5.1 Copyright 2016, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, Rodney Thompson, Peter Lee, James Wyatt, Robert J. Schwalb, Bruce R. Cordell, Chris Sims, and Steve Townshend, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

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