Friday, March 14, 2014

Ethereal Sword

During the enlightened ages of the rule of the Solarian Empire, there was an archmage named Egon. Egon loved to plunder tombs, but after a particularly painful encounter with a ghost aged his beloved Janine 20 years, Egon decided to create a sword that would be particularly effective against ghosts.

The ethereal sword appear to just be a hilt, as the blade exists entirely on the ethereal plane. It has no effect on creatures that lack a substantial presence on the ethereal plane, such as humans, humanoids, and most monsters. However, against creatures with a substantial connection to the ethereal plane, it functions as a sword +2. And against creatures that are fully ethereal, the sword deals double damage. As long as he wielded this sword, it was said that Egon was not afraid of any ghosts.