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"In the beginning there was only chaos, and the spirits of chaos moved over the waters. But when God came upon the chaos, and breathed on it, he brought order to the chaos, and he saw that the order was good. Some portion of the spirits of chaos then came to serve God, but others rebelled. The rebellious spirits God threw into hell, but those who served were rewarded and even now shape the world." The Book of Fayon

There are many entities that will grant spells. Many hills and forests have their own spirits, though these do not grant much in the way of power. Still, there are some hedge witches/wizards who gain some magic from them. There are also more powerful entities. Fayon, when he was mortal, got his spells from the Platinum Dragon. Many warlocks get their powers from Hades, lord of his eponymous domain. Orc shamans get their power from Crom. But most human clerics in the world since the Second Demon War get their powers from the Immortals.

The Immortals were all once mortal, but one way or another earned godhood. Most of the Immortals are saints, demi-god level individuals with narrow profiles. For example, the church of Threshold is dedicated to St. Palmatius, patron of butchers and glassblowers. St. Cuthbert, patron of righteous vengeance, is popular among otherwise secular adventurers. But the most important of the Immortals are the nine Valharim.

The Sage is the oldest of the Valharim. He discovered God's true name untold ages ago. He is patron of hidden knowledge, but is not much worshipped.
Covellia is the next oldest. She discovered wizardry, and led the armies of light in the Dawn Wars. She is patron of magic.
Fayon is the head of the Valharim. He founded the Thyranian empire and ruled it wisely for centuries. He is patron of justice, paladins, and barbers.
Adreham was the chief advisor to Fayon in life, viceroy over half the empire. He is well known as a great polymath, and is the patron of democracy, civilization, and cities.
Vassa was a pirate captain who, along with Soren, was instrumental in saving civilization during the First Demon War. She is the patron of the sea and those who make their living from the sea, as well as cyclops.
Soren was a dwarven prince who opened his domain to people fleeing the destruction of the First Demon War. He is the patron of dwarves, miners, and those seeking to escape slavery.
Kilmar was the partner of Alexander. They brought the Elvish Gift into the chaoslands, and it was his skill with the bow that fended off the demons while Alexander placed it to close the hellgate to end the Second Demon War. He is patron of sanity, elves, and archers.
Alexander was a legendary ranger during the Second Demon War. It was his supernatural skill at tracking that led them through the chaoslands, a task thought impossible. He is patron of dragonslayers, rangers, and tracking.
Ryanna was the wife of Haradon, last emperor of the Solarian Empire during the Second Demon war. She led Ryanna's Wolves, a group of guerilla fighters who harried the demons without ceasing during the war. She is consort of Fayon, general of heaven's armies, and patron of love and war.
Finally, Hadeth is no longer counted among the Valharim. After falling into madness and despair, she was imprisoned in Hades by Fayon. She is patron of madness, war, and xenophobia.

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