Monday, August 15, 2016

Session 3: House of Kobolds

We pick up as our lofty adventures head out from town to dispatch of another rumored nest of kobolds held up somewhere in the hills to the west. Before leaving town the party expends some acquired gold to purchase some oil, herbs that can stave off some minor poisons and physical wounds.

After about a 6 mile trek we make it to the remains of a left over manor marked by a shallow creek. Thanks to the dwarves long cultural relationship with stone we can tell that the foundation of this building was constructed by humans before the 2nd demon war, unimpressive by Dwarven standards but sturdy enough for kobolds. We don’t bother to knock. Instead our barbarian friend put his foot through the front door. Walking into the first chamber we see 4 kobolds spread throughout the corners of the room. The cleric, paladin and barbarian all manage to dispatch there kobolds without fail. The bard and rogue however both struggle momentarily allowing the 4th kobold to drop a chandelier on their heads before being cut down. The paladin and cleric quickly take care of everyone's wounds as we delved further into the manor.

Moving further into the manor we encounter more treacherous obstacles. The cleric falls into a pit inlayed with spikes right before we encounter three more kobolds. This time there is a shaman amongst them. Prioritizing defense against any potential magic assault we quickly dispatch the mage first via a volley of arrows from the party. A quick death is dealt out to the last two kobolds.  The shaman carried a scroll that referenced "the bird's roost" and appeared to lay out a secret path to another kobold lair.

Eventually the party is able to make its way through the manor out into a central courtyard. The courtyard is a wide open grassy space that has two buildings stationed at the center. Entering the first building after making sure to check the door for traps, we find a large open cathedral with a chest in the center. Taking point the rogue checks it for traps but fails to notice the skittering sounds coming from within. As the latch open, a large spider lunges out attempting to take a piercing stab at the rogue’s hand. Narrowly dodging, the party quickly squashes the threat. In the 2nd building a similar chest is found. The party learning from there recent experience opens this one more cautiously. Inside they find some gold , two apparently magical stones and a potion that cannot be identified.

Ready to leave the courtyard the party notices a large opening in the exterior wall of the manor on the opposite side of the courtyard. Scouting for danger they pick up the sounds of several kobolds along with what seem to be hunting dogs coming from inside the building. The cleric takes some of the oil purchased from town and spreads it across the floor of the entrance in preparation for battle. In an awkward display, the bard and barbarian combine there drum and pan flute skills to make probably the most notable performance that any kobold has been privy to. The party takes up ambush position around the entrance waiting for any curious kobolds. One kobold emerges….. Whack…. a second follows….. Whack again. The first one falls with easy as the barbarian clocks him before any warning can be sounded. We are not so luck with the second. The kobold manages to give out a warning howl before having his skull caved in. The response is immediate. Rocks fired from slings come flying through the hole in the wall skirting past different party members. The bard catches a direct hit that momentarily puts him unconcious. The paladin quickly brings him back into the fight as the rest of the part return fire unleashing more arrows into the dark of the building. Three large hound flood out of the building next racing towards the party. The cleric lying in wait ignites the oil that have preemptively placed and two of the three go up in flames as one makes it to the front line of the fight. All three dogs are quickly put down as the party pushes forward. Arrows and rocks are continuously exchanged until the bard cast his signature sleep spell to seal the victory for the party. The remainders are quickly put down as the party quickly clears the rest of the manor before heading back to the town to relay the fate of the kobolds.

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