Sunday, August 21, 2016

Session 4: You otter've thought twice

Flint and his daring companions once again found themselves back in Neufeld, nursing some gallantly gained wounds and seeking new wrongs to right. Some general questioning about who was actually in charge led us to four places, the thieve's guild, the temple of Fayon, the miner's guild, and the local land baron/founding farmer. Our acquisitive ally looked in on his underworldly counterparts, attempting to advance himself within their organization but came up short. One of the priests mentioned that a body had been found drained of blood to the east. The party found the body, and determined it had been attacked by a giant spider. The Daring Companions tracked the spider to its lair, a webbing filled hole in the plains. It was difficult to fight in that cavern, but they were able to defeat the spider and ensure it wouldn't kill again.

A request for an audience with the guild leadership of the miner's guild was all but rebuffed. They indicated they didn't have any trouble they were unable to deal with at the time. However, eager to gain influence, the keepers of the gate as it were asked us to do a favor for the farmers in their name.

Arriving at the Steinwachs' estate, which seemed pleasant if not opulent, the reward for a generation's worth of landscape taming. After rumors of this family's purchase of martial gear, the party was curious. Apparently, the sons of the patriarch were being beset by trouble from some kobolds and particularly a giant otter. One of the scions had apparently been taken by it of late and we were sent to determine his whereabouts and rescue him.

The other son took us down river on a raft ride which was punctuated briefly by a sling stone from a kobold who then shortly found himself punctuated with a full stop by way of an arrow to the face. This brief diversion was scarcely over when a giant wasp attacked the party, only to be fended off and fly away.

Arriving at the last known location of the son, we found some giant weasel tracks and a large cave. Deciding to skip the cave in favor of finding the possibly captive son, we pursued the tracks. Eventually we found a band of kobolds fighting some goblins. One appeared to be a shaman controlling the otter! Trying to sneak up on the groups while letting them kill one another, they were eventually alerted and the spells and arrows flew and the swords were swung. Eventually, when one of the kobolds of a more shamanic persuasion was slain, the great beast, freed from its control fled upriver faster than we could pursue. Searching the body of the shaman, the Companions found a note that looked like a request for the shaman to return to "the Roost".

On the way back, we explored the large cave only to find a giant spider laying in wait. After dispatching it, we found the corpse of the erstwhile monster hunting son of Steinwachs. Returning to the estate with the body in tow, Flint delivered an impromptu eulogy, and the party stayed the night with the mourners.

In the morning the party returned to the miner's guild, eager to find out what news this latest alliance might yield.

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