Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Caelwyd, Bailiff of Threshold

Image by Keyade, at DeviantArt
Caelwyd is a Sorceror-Champion (seventh-level Elven Spellsword), and the bailiff of Threshold. He is cunning and ambitious, and it is rumored that he has used less than savory methods to gain his current post. Not openly, of course. He first came to prominence as the only surviving member of an adventuring party that was exploring a maze of barrows. There is currently no known evidence that he wishes to replace Hosok Tere as mayor of Threshold.

Caelwyd. Level 7 Elven Spellsword. HP: 32 AC: 7 S 16 I 16 W 9 D 14 C 9 C 14 Al C Spells: (3/2/2/1) Charm Person, Magic Missile, Shield, Detect Magic, Sleep; Detect Invisible, ESP, Invisibility, Mirror Image; Clairvoyance, Hold Person, Infravision; Charm Monster, Dimension Door. TT: H; Wand of Magic Missiles, Sword +3, Chain Mail +3