Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Event Table

I stole, shamelessly, the following table from Beedo. He designed it, as far as I can tell, off of the Rules Cyclopedia realms event table, altered for his Norsemen on a lonely isle Black City campaign. So I've taken some of the entries that make less sense for Goblin Wars! and rewritten them, as well as changing the description of many of the events I've picked. I've used it to generate future events to keep the PCs on their toes.

Campaign Events (roll d100 or pick)

1-2 Astral Conjunction
3-4 Baba Yaga Sighting
5-6 Art fair
7-8 Bear Attack
9-11 Blood Feud
12-14 Bragging Rights
15-16 Goblin Cattle Rustlers
17-18 Disappearance
19-20 Good Omen
21-23 False Identity
24-26 Fire
27-28 Bad Harvest
29-30 Bad Omen
31-32 Gold Rush
33-34 Good Harvest
35-36 Thievery
37-39 Doppelganger
40-41 New Lair
42-43 Long Live the King
44-46 Marvel Team-Up
47-48 Massacre
49-50 Meteor
51-52 Dragon Cult
53-54 Koschei's Bandit
55-56 Orc Raids
57-58 Boundary Dispute
59-60 Enter the Mermen
61-62 Influx of Mercenaries
63-64 24601
65-66 Rampaging Monster Back Home
67-69 Rescue Mission
70-71 Flooding
72-74 Robbery
75-76 Haunting
77-78 Plague
79-80 Vengeful Stranger
81-82 VIP Visit
83-84 Bandit Raid
85-86 Duel
87-88 The Enemy Among Us
89-90 Brew Festival
91-92 Koschei's Egg
93-94 Doppelganger's Rule
95-96 War
97-98 Dragon Raid
99-100 Thieves Guild War

Astral Conjunction
The stars have aligned! All summoning spells are cast as if the caster was one level higher. 10% chance someone summons something they shouldn't have.

Baba Yaga Sighting
A local man saw Baba Yaga flying over town last night in her mortar. She was undoubtedly here to curse someone; who knows what foulness she planned?

Art Fair
The town is having an art fair this week, with buyers of art coming in from all over Morachi. Do you have art to sell? Fancy yourself an artist? This could be your chance!

Bear Attack
A rabid bear is said to be attacking travelers far to close to town. Is it a rogue bear, or something sent by Baba Yaga for her amusement?

Blood Feud
The Kowalskis and the Nemecs have been at each other's throats for years, but now its erupted into mayhem, with street fights and bar brawls everywhere. The PCs might be drawn into one of these fights, asked to be a second in a duel, or perhaps brought in to resolve it through mediation.

Bragging Rights
The Mad Dogs are back from their latest quest, and boy are they rich!

Goblin Cattle Rustlers
One of the nearby rancher comes running into town, clearly upset -- his cattle are gone! Must be goblin cattle rustlers.

A prominent local has gone missing. Who took him?
1-4: Local thieves guild
5: Vodyanoi
6: Doppelgangers

Good Omen
A local beggar announces that the party has found favor with Fayon! They get +1 to any one roll over the course of the next week. May be used after the result of the roll is known.

False Identity
A member of the party is falsely, but plausibly, accused of some crime. This might trigger a feud, or lead to the local constabulary seeking to arrest them.

A fire has broken out in town! This might affect the characters directly (1-2), affect someone they know and possibly care about (3-4), or affect an enemy (5-6)

Bad Harvest
The last harvest was poor. Poor weather and bad luck reduce the amount of food available. There is a -1 to domain morale, and a 5% of a famine.

Bad Omen
A beggars rushes up to the party, announcing that the signs show they will be tested. -1 to a specific save for the week, chosen by the player.

Gold Rush
No one knows how the rumor started, but everyone knows that there is a new claim outside of town -- and someone's going to strike it rich! This will undoubtedly mean a good deal of conflict to see who gets to control the land. What's in the mine? 1-3 gold 4-5 gems 6 something special

Good Harvest
Good times have come again. Foodstuffs are abundant, and everyone is celebrating. +1 to domain morale.

An item is stolen from one of the PCs, determined randomly, unless they've been taking very specific precautions.

One of the henchmen is replaced by a doppelganger. 1-4 It's hostile 5 It's friendly 6 It wants something

New Lair
Another group of adventurers has found a lair nearby! Why didn't they explore it? 1-2 It was too easy 3-4 It was too hard 5-6 They did and were wiped out

Long Live the King!
The ruler of Morachi has died, to be succeeded by his son. There were be a grand coronation in Pechen in one week.

Marvel Team-Up
An NPC party approaches the group to team-up for equal shares.  It could be because (roll a d6:)
1-2 They want to help the party explore their current goal
3-4 They want the player's help exploring the NPC party's current goal
5-6 The NPC's want to ambush the group in the ruins

An occasional murder isn't unusual, but this is: seven people have been killed in the past few weeks. Law enforcement is at a loss for what happened.

A meteor has come to earth. But what is it? Would it make a good weapon or armor? Or was it the vehicle for something sinister?

Dragon Cult
Dragon cults pop up every now and then, but this one seems more serious than most. They even claim that Fayon worshipped a dragon (blasphemy!) But what alignment are they really? 1-3 Chaotic 4-5 Neutral 6 Lawful

Koschei's Bandits
Koschei heard rumors that there's something underneath this town that he wants, and he's sent a group of Vodyanoi to find it!

Orc Raids
The northwest border of Morachi has been quiet for a generation, but now there's rumblings that the orc tribes are preparing a major raid on Ishpeming

Boundary Dispute
Two local barons disagree about where to draw the line between their territories, and they're getting ready for war.

Enter the Mermen
A town of mermen beneath the waters of Oyster Bay has made contact with Morachi. Reaction roll to see what their intentions are.

Mercenary Influx
For whatever reason, there's been a sudden explosion in the number of mercenaries in town. Treat it as one market size larger for the next week when seeing what's available.

A wanted fugitive seeks out the party, asking them to hide him. He's guilty, but his wife is dying, and he wants to see her one last time.

Rampaging Monster
A creature has emerged from Elkstrov Woods, and is wreaking havoc near Threshold. It's only a matter of time before it attacks the town itself (1d6 days).

Rescue Mission
Someone has been kidnapped! 1-2 it's a merchant, 3-6 an adventurer. Their friends and family are offering a reward to anyone who can rescue them.

The Aquila River has left its banks, wreaking havoc in the town of Ishpeming. There's not much loss of life, but demand for building materials is higher.

A major heist is afoot! 1-3 it targets the players, 4-6 it targets some other prominent individual. Perhaps this will encourage the PCs to protect their belongings a bit more.

A house in town has recently become haunted. 20% chance that it's a ghost that needs some task resolved, else, it's just a ghost.

A mysterious plague is sweeping the town! 5% of the population dies each month. There is a 10% chance it dies out if the PCs do nothing, 10% it spreads to another town.

Vengeful Stranger
A mysterious person wanders into town, seeking revenge for some past misdeed. Use the PCs if there's an appropriate misdeed; else, it's a prominent figure he looking to exact payback from.

VIP Visit
Some important person, likely the local Duke, is coming to town. The town will be busy preparing for his arrival, but the reasons for his visit are unclear. Is it possible it's something the PCs have done?

Bandit Raid
Local bandits, braver or crazier than most, are raiding the town!

One of the player character is challenged to a duel by an NPC of the same class. 1-2 they're lower level 3-5 they're the same level 6 they're higher level

The Enemy Among Us
A vampire has taken up residence in the town, and is murdering the townspeople.

Brew Festival
In celebration of their newest beer, the monks of Fellmont Abbey are having a festival.

Koschei's Egg
Koschei found his egg. But what is it for?

Doppelganger's Rule
The doppelganger plan is complete. Is there any way left for the PCs to stop them?

Fogelon seeks access to the iron mines of the Nazran hills.

Dragon Raid
Ancalagon has awoken, and he is hungry.

Thieves Guild War
The guildmaster of the thieves guild died, and it's split into two warring factions, fighting for control.