Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More magic swords!

Shamelessly stolen from Reynaldo Madrinan, with some edits.

Mockery of Honor - Lady Korinne Loras was a knight of Solaria, and in charge of an expedition to Morachi to retrieve the Fulcrum of Winter and sworn to bring it back to Solarium. When she defeated the mummified guardians of the Fulcrum, however, she turned on her companions, using the power of the Fulcrum to kill them all. She attempted to use the Fulcrum to replace Koschei as prince of winter. Koschei won that battle, but the Fulcrum was lost. Stained with the betrayal of a once great knight, this +2 broadsword affords its master a +2 bonus to all saving throws and immunity to all forms of fear and disease. It glimmers softly in the presence of evil and drips fresh gore when near someone truly good.

 Discordant Razor - This weapon's movements seem wild and erratic, no matter how skilled the wielder happens to be. Being struck by the sword further confuses the target, who must succeed a saving throw versus spell or have their next action altered negatively by the Razor's power. Victims of this ability will preform in the exact opposite manner of their intent. This sword is a chaotic vorpal sword often wielded by champions of chaos.