Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goblin Wars Session Three: Into the Halls of the Goblin King

I'm trying smoky eye. Too much?
Last night, the party returned to the ruins of the Desert Wind Monastery to see if they could take down the Hobgoblin King. Reginald the Boastful, Ieho, and Honest Mercy formed the party, backed by their loyal henchmen Dr. Bolyai, Jeff, and Devabriel. They fought their way past a group of zombies fairly handily, but were surprised to find another adventuring party at the top of the hill, the Mad Dogs! Artemis Ventura, Szaborek the Oafish, and their leader, Zanzibar the Magnificent. The conversation was quite civil, since Zanzibar and Reginald both have close relations with the church, and the Mad Dogs went their separate way, heading back to town to nurse their wounds from clearing out the goblins in the garden.

The party, who really needs to pick out a party name before I have +Humza Kazmi pick out one for them, proceeds to clear out the surface level, but not without cost. Reeling especially from the battle with two ogres, and with a badly injured paladin, they decide to head back to town. They found a large cache of weapons, making them think the hobgoblins had been preparing to invade. In any case, they spend a week making connections with the merchants of Solove, and sell four loads of the arms.

Returning to the monastery, they proceed towards the stairs leading down to the catacombs underneath, when who should they run into but the Mad Dogs again! They had explored the right-ward passage, but had suffered some injuries breaking through a barricade the hobgoblins had set up, and so were headed right back into town. The party went down the same way, but found a secret door the Mad Dogs had missed, and went through it. They found an arena, where Honest Mercy befriended two wolves, and the main hobgoblin barracks. They managed to pin the hobgoblins in their room, where they were slain one by one. The illusion the gnome threw up of a fireball didn't hurt either! Now the party readies their next move.

It is October 29th.

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