Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rumors for Session Three

From VectorGenius at DeviantArt
Last week, the party shifted their base to Solove in order to explore the Desert Wind Monastery. They've found the main building, but have yet to examine what lies beneath.

1 The Desert Wind Monastery, south of Solove, was founded by a group of heretical monks who believed that Fayon's court mage Ither was immortal and is the only one now preaching the true religion. He lives in the desert still.
2 South of Solove, a temple has been taken over by hobgoblins
3 There's a small graveyard outside of town that is starting to show signs of becoming a sinkhole of evil.
4 The Sisters of Fire & Water do great work with orphans
5 Fellmont Abbey's beer is the best!
6 You know those frog totem poles you see every once in a while, 'specially down south? They're cursed by Koschei, and will turn you into a frog if you touch them.
It is the 20th day of October.  The weather is cool, with a 20% chance of light rain.