Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pre-session Two Update

Last week, the party cleared out Castle Caldwell, taking especial care with a nest of stirges and wondering about what a certain locked door meant. When the characters return to town, they hear the following rumors:

1 Pirates are an increasing problem in Morachi Bight
2 South of Solove, a temple has been taken over by hobgoblins
3 There's a small graveyard outside of town that is starting to show signs of becoming a sinkhole of evil. 4 The Sisters of Fire & Water do great work with orphans
5 Fellmont Abbey's beer is the best!
6 You know those frog totem poles you see every once in a while, 'specially down south? They're cursed by Koschei, and will turn you into a frog if you touch them.
Just to remind you, not all of these are intended to be plot points, so if you're wondering what to do about mysterious frog totems, don't worry about it. It's probably not important. It is the 11th day of October, 79, but the weather is still mild. It is pleasant, and partly cloudy.

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