Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update, pre-Session One

Last week, the party cleared out a den of stirges. In the process, they found a dead gray humanoid with a backpack full of arms and a magical sword. When the characters return to town, they hear the following rumors:
1 Pirates are an increasing problem in Morachi Bight
2 South of Solove, a temple has been taken over by hobgoblins
3 A noble is in Threshold, seeking adventurers to clear out a castle he recently acquired.
4 The Sisters of Fire & Water do great work with orphans
5 Fellmont Abbey's beer is the best!
6 You know those frog totem poles you see every once in a while, 'specially down south? They're cursed by Koschei, and will turn you into a frog if you touch them.
It is the first day of October, 79, but the weather is still mild. It is pleasant, though overcast.

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