Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Faerie Abductions

Last week, I had a problem not uncommon to D&D groups: one of my players was out of town. Not only that, but another player, who had missed the past couple sessions, was back. I was going to handwave it, perhaps having the returning PC (Hugh) be a hobgoblin prisoner, but I thought it would be more interesting to have them swap places. Because Faerie. And that was supposed to be it, and it was, until I remembered some work Beedo had done in a couple posts about faerie abductions and some consequences thereof. With Bryan's permission, his character will be subjected to the following random table:

1-2 Timestream Displacement: Age five years
3 Long Nap: Age ten years
4 Fount of Youthfulness: Become five years younger
5-6 Faerie Marked: +1 to reaction rolls with faerie folk, -1 to reaction rolls with clergy
7 Witch Marked: Baba Yaga has marked you for her own. -1 to all reaction rolls, but gain one minor spell like ability usable once per day
8-9 Mortal Lover: Some personage in Faerie has taken you as a lover. This will come up later.
10 New Friend: Gain a Fae henchman
11 Future Sight: +1 to initiative once per day
12 Our bread is true bread: Gain +1 to constitution
13 Faerie Aura: Gain +1 to Charisma
14 Arcane Experiments: Gain +2 to your prime requisite, but lose 2 from Charisma
15 Favored: Gain a random minor miscellaneous magic item, or one of your devising (subject to DM  approval)
16-17 Faerie Makeover! Gain blue hair for the next month
18  Offended Hosts: -1 to all d20 rolls for the next week
19-20 Scarred: You don't know what happened, but faerie folk make you mad. +1 to damage when fighting them

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