Thursday, December 5, 2013

Of The First Demon War

Once there was peace in heaven, and all the gods were at peace, and there was no war. Hadeth, general of the legions of heaven, was ever a rival to our Lord Fayon, but it wast a friendly rivalry, and no violence was done. Yet upon a time did a madness descend upon Hadeth, and she descended to the earth, and slaughtered many. And two-thirds of the legions of heaven fell to earth with her, and they didst number 666 angels and potentates. But Fayon gathered the remnants of the legions of heaven to himself, and fought against the chaos sweeping the earth. And Tiamat laughed.

Vassa and Soren did great deeds as well, saving many who wouldst otherwise have been slaughtered. Soren took many beneath the earth, into the great fastness of Ziggur-Azul, and defended that fortress with his famed hammer. And Vassa sailed the blue ocean, gathering those she could find and trusting to the sea for her rampart. And so the slaughter was not what it might have been.

And lo! Though the slaughter was great, yet Fayon prevailed, and there was again peace in heaven. Hadeth was cast down to Hades, that prison that no one, be she mortal or god, may escape. But her power was and is such that even yet does she sow chaos on the earth, setting nation against nation, and seeking the means by which she may be free of her gaol.

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