Monday, December 16, 2013

Session Six: From Ieho's viewpoint

Last week Ieho was suddenly deposited in the town from his journey through the fey realm. He had lost a couple weeks of time but was none the worse for wear. Though he did have an interesting souvenir, his hair and his beard were both bright blue.
He spent a day or two orienting himself and selling the items he had left from his last adventure. Though he was unable to find a buyer for a magical long sword. 

While in town he met up with two other adventurers, Bob and Gawain. They were able to tell Ieho of some of his friend's fates, death at the hands of goblins. Not to let this go unpunished, and to investigate the rumors of a hobgoblin army forming the party set out to the monetary once again. 

They had no trouble getting to the main building and began exploring the lower level. They dispatched several hobgoblins, some carnivorous giant flies, and a mad cultist, who seemed to be keeping the old religion alive down in the underground caves. After the finished exploring most of the cave they went back to the barracks and where they felt the hobgoblins had been staying. 

However on the way Geoff and Bob fell down a ramp which dropped them 50 feet down into another level. After some considerable debate about how to get them out they decided the only way was for all of them to enter the lower level and try to find a way out together. 

Once they were at the bottom in an octagonal room they were almost immediately set upon by a group of men who had gone mad. They slaughtered them and started looking for a way out. They ran across more men overcome by madness, and a gelatinous cube, and finally found a river. Deciding this was a good chance to find a way out they followed it downstream. 

The river led them to another cave, which appeared to be inhabited. They found a store room and them a crevasse with flowing lava that had three bridges stretching over it. As soon as they approached the bridges kobolds attacked. 

Their spears were dangerous and at one point the party felt they had the upper hand when reinforcements arrived in the form of 12 more kobolds. The party was able to kill quite a few, Bob back away worried that they were going to be overrun as Geoff was taking considerable damage. But the kobolds retreated. The party also pulled back and there was a standoff. As both sides looked across the bridge at each other. 

They attempted to parley, but once the kobolds demanded gold the party began firing bolts into their midst forcing the remaining kobolds to scatter into the cave. 

The party, heavily wounded, made their way back to the store room which they barricaded to try and have a night of rest.